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 Internet Technology Candidates
These candidates are exclusively interested in work-at-home employment opportunities. Seperated by category, skill type, city or state. Free Resumes and job postings. You must post a free add to be able to email the candidates.
Signup free to access database of resumes and receive filtered resumes via email.
Nationwide and international candidates - Site offers free resumes of candidates who live in the USA and abroad. Access resumes by either the top left search feature which shows today's resumes or clicking on link at bottom right that says resumes. If looking for candidates in a specific city click on the city name first then go to the bottom right of the page and click on the link that says resumes.
Engineering resumes listed by specific field of specialty. Aeronautics Agricultural Automation Chemical Civil Electrical Environmental Geological Hydraulic Industrial / Manufacturing Information Tech / Software Materials Mechanical Naval Nuclear Petroleum Solar Systems Telecommunications / Network Other Specialties
 Language and Related Fields
Worldwide resumes of candidates that are interested in language related fields.
 All types of resumes
This is a free site where you can search by key word and location or by job type to get access to free resumes with contact information.
 All types of resumes from all locations
This is a free resume search tool created by Google that allows you to find all kinds of candidates in all fields. You have access to millions of free online resumes through this tool.
 Multisystemic Therapy
Experiences job seekers with experience with Multisytemic therpy and RFP RFA.
This site has freelance programmers descriptions of services and expertise and their email and homepage. You can also post a job request or job opening for free. Site is categorized be programming languages CGI, Perl Scripts ASP Development, Java, JavaScript , Databases, E-commerce, Web Graphics, Design, DHTML, XML, VRML, General Services, C/C++ Development, Delphi Programming, Visual Basic, UNIX Programming, Windows Prog.
 Software Programmer Contractors
Extensive list of software contractors. Access to resumes is FREE and there is no charge no placement or referral fee. Please contact the members directly for contracting arrangements.
Resumes of trained welders from institute in Ohio. Must call to become a registered employer.
 Various Nationwide
Resumes of all types of candidates. Key word, phrase and location search capabilities.
Free resumes of candidates in various fields. Candidate's that are proficient with Macintosh. No registration needed. Search resumes on first page.
Resumes from individuals with television experience. Type the word 'guest' in the username and password fields and you'll get instant access.
Register for a free account. Free account is limited to number of resume views and contacts. Free package includes Resume Search, Resume Alerts & Job Postings.
 Various Worldwide
Resumes of all types. Registration required. Search by key word, location, country. View general info then click to open resume. Extensive database of free candidates. They ask that you submit one free job per month.
3 Free Job postings and 10 resume views for free. Searchable database of resumes.
 Dietitians in USA
This is a network of dietitians located in the USA. You can get instant access to all their contact information and experience for free.
 English Language Teaching
Free access to resume database+ ELT professionals. Locate resumes which match your job posting, with either online or e.mail delivery of the matching resumes.
Jobsite dedicated to music related employment.
Resumes listed by 50 different categories. Has candidates of all types. Mostly from the US but soon starting a Canada section. They allow you to email the candidate your job description and contact information and the candidate replies.
No limit to the number of job postings. Post active or ongoing job openings, or search for talent. Never a commission, split fee, employment contract, or referral charge.
Register free to search resumes and post jobs for free. Search by state, job type, city or keyword for full resumes.
 Higher Education
Nationwide candidates looking for higher education positions. Select the 'Employer' tab at the top and create a free account to browse resumes.
 Power generation, HVAC, steam experienced candidates
Power generation, HVAC, steam experienced candidates- Click 'resume placement' link, then scroll to the bottom part of the page to find resumes.
 Music Industry
Free Resumes of people in the music industry including: music teachers, conductors, musicians registration required.
 Film industry crew members of all types.
Free Resumes of all type of people involved in film making. No registration required.
Passive resumes of candidates in all fields. No registration required. Simply click on the industry type and you'll see a list of links that lead to people's online resumes. Each link has a brief explanation about that person.
 Accounting / Finance / Accountants
Resumes of all types of candidates in the accounting field. Most of the candidates live in the DC, MD and VA areas. Free registration required. Can search with detailed requirements.
 Oilfield Workers / All types
Offers extensive database of free resumes. All candidates work in the oil field industry in all types of positions. Free registration required. Detailed searching capabilities.
 Construction, Industrial, Power, Process, Engineering
Free passive resumes of candidates in the construction, industrial, power, process and engineering fields. No registration required.
 Logistic (All Females) Nationwide
A Logistics Association of females. Resumes are posted by the members. No registration required.
 Executives making over $100,000 per year
Can search annonymous resumes of executive candidates and contact them by sending an email through the site. Their contact information isn't revealed but they do receive your email and reply if they're interested in your offer. Registration required.
 Engineering and Computer Science
Student resumes of of recent grads majoring in Civil Engineering, Computer Engineering, Computer Science, Construction Management Engineering, Electrical & Electronic Engineering, Management Info. Science Mechanical Engineering/Mechanical Engineering Technology
 Real Estate Related Fields
Offers brief resumes of people in the real estate field that are looking for work. Appraisers, agents, Acquisition etc... Offers a brief description of the candidate's objective and experience. Offer contact information. Has all newly posted resumes. Resumes begin half way down the page.
Helping to bring nurses and healthcare employers together. Administration (77)CCU (3)Clinic (7)Consulting (4)ER (12)Education (4)Employment (21)Health-Medical (74)Home_Care (11)Hospital (75)Human_Resources (3)ICU (13)Industrial (3)Insurance (2)Legal (1)Long_Term_Care (20)Management (4)Maternal/Child (11) Med-Surg (16)NICU (2)NP/APN (1)Nursing (115)OR (13)Office_Practice (1) Pediatrics (5)Quality_Control (1)Teaching (2)
Nationwide resumes in the aviation field separated in categories: Crew, Maintenance and Other. No registration required.
Offer links to passive engineering resumes. Includes instant access to the link and brief description of each resume. Click on link to get to the individual resume.
 Various Passive Candidates
Offers links to passive candidate resumes online. Links are in specific industry categories. Pick a category then view link and brief description of candidate's experience.
Resumes of individuals with disabilities. Must sign-up on their free registration form to get access to the resumes.
 Inspection and Nondestructive Testing
Resumes of skilled professionals in Inspection and Nodestructive Testing.
 Tennessee Certified Public Accountants
Resumes of Tennessee Certified Public Accountants - CPA's
 Government Employees
Nationwide Database with candidates who have worked for the Government.
 Timber Industry
Recruitment service designed for the timber industry.
 Converting Industry
on-line job resource to assist businesses and individuals in the Converting Industry fill their employment needs.
 Plant biologists
Resume database of plant biologists. Specialists in Molecular Biology / Gene Regulation Environmental / Stress Physiology
 3D Programmer
Free Resume Database full of programmers, web designers, IT, CAD, 3D much more. Search by over 50 categories and locations.
 IT Information Technology Consultants
All types of IT professionals including Web Designers, Programmers, Administrators, Java, Oracle, etc. Listed by date submitted.
 Chemical Dependency Professionals
Resume databases of Chemical Dependency Professionals in Washington State. Search by county or keyword.
 Youth specialists
Resumes of individuals with experience educating and directing young people. Field of expertise include youth directors, counselors, pastors, mentors, camp directors, and worship directors. Signup, accept terms then find the resumes link on the page at the top. On the next page hit the Browse Resumes link.
 GIS / RS CAD, GIS, Programmers, Analysts
Recently posted resumes of GIS professionals in the US and internationally. Skills inlclude CAD, GIS Technicians, Programmers, Analysts, Researcher, Urban Planner, Cartographer, Geographer and many more.
A Networking site where people on the site post their credentials and list if they're currently looking for employment. You must sign-up for a free account and then to get resumes, go into your member area, click on people and then click on Keyword Search. Then you can search for potential employees by clicking on that option in the USERS field.
Resumes of experienced architects, drafters, CAD, 3D rendering and administrators.
 Various in Silicon Valley
Resumes of job seekers in the San Francisco Bay and Silicon Valley area.
 Networking IT
Resumes of networking engineers, software engineers, CISCO and MSCE certified, system analysts and more.
Resumes of job seekers in Utah.
 Aviation Pilot and Mechanic
Resumes of experience pilots and flight mechanics categorized by type of aircraft.
 Information Technology
Site dedicated to IT professionals. Search by keyword, state or years of experience. They have a lot of tools to help track resumes and job postings.
 HB1 Visa
Candidate with HB1 Visas that are living in the US. No registration required.
India's biggest job board with over 2.5 million resumes with full contact information and resumes. Advanced search tool allows you to search by years of experience, keywords, field, function, and industry.
Resumes of job seekers in various fields. Easy to use site with lots of search criteria to narrow your search. Signup for free and you get to view 10,000 resumes and post up to 1000 job openings.
 Healthcare Executives
Healthcare executives from all over the US. Get access to their full resume with all contact information. Can do a detailed search. No registration required.
 Medical, Healthcare, Clinical
Resumes of experiences medical personnel listing preferred work location and years of experience.
 Various / Kansas residents
All candidates are from Kansas. Employers/recruiters are only allowed to post jobs where it's a full-time position. Read the details on the site. Free registration required and the company will verify your employer status. They offer full resumes and contact information.
 Radio Professionals
Nationwide list of radio professionals. Brief description of job title and duties with email and phone contact information. No registration required. To view resumes click on the job openings link on the left collumn, then click on the link that says Available / Looking.
 Commercial Real Estate
World wide but mostly US candidates. Commercial Real Estate field. Free registration required. Offer full resume with all contact information. Allow a detailed search.
 Telecom, Technical Writing
Members of OCSTC place their resumes online for review (and download) by contract agencies, temporary agencies, and other profit, nonprofit, private, and public companies and their representatives.
 Restaurant Related
Nationwide database of bakers, chefs, chocolatier, manager, wait staff, hotel resort etc... No registration required.
 Journalist - Writer
US - Resumes of young journalists and writers.
 Acting, directing
U.S. resumes of actors, producers and directors.
Nationwide resumes of candidates in various fields. Resumes don't show contact information but at the bottom of the resume you can send that candidate an email by clicking on the link that says 'send message' You can only see 25 resumes per search with a free membership, but you can do continuous searches.
 ESL, Interesting in Teaching in Japan
Japan residents and worldwide candidates that are interested in working in japan in the teaching field, mostly teaching English. No registration required. Most of the resumes only offer name and email address.
Database of full resumes from US candidates. You are required to create an account and post at least one free job posting before you can view the resumes.
 Dental Assistants
Nationwide candidates that want Dental Assistant positions. Resumes listed on first page. No registration required.
UK based canditates in various fields.
Nationwide candidates with various experients in the aviation industry. Can pull resumes by job type. No registration required.
 GIS and GEOSpacial
Nationwide Candidates in the GIA and GEOSpacial fields. Resumes are listed by date posted and career desired. No registration required.
 Mems and Nano Technology
Nationwide candidates with nanotechnology experience such as, engineering, automation, mems, clean room processes, design, hydraulics etc... No registration required.
Resumes of U.S. students looking for intern employment. Search by state and city and industry.
 Planning and Development
Resumes of city planners and development professionals.
Easy to search resume database with nationwide resumes. Search by job skills, state and/or level of experience.
An oilfield specific, searchable resumé database of field and office workers from around the world. Unlimited postings on our oilfield job posting board. International oil and gas company directory
 Various Adult and Student Resumes Ontario Canada
Residents of Ontario Canada and surrounding cities. Offers resumes of Adults and students. Offers brief resumes and some more detailed profiles. All types of candidates. It's a jobs wanted site.
London candidates looking for all types of employment. No registration required.
Chicago residents looking for all types of employment. Posted in the jobs wanted section. No registration required.
Offers the ability to post your job for free and search resumes for free. Can search by key word.
Offers all types of resumes of candidates that live in Arkansas. Free registration is required. You can search resumes and post jobs for free.
Offers all types of candidates. Free registration required. Can search by location, category, salary range and date resume was added to the database.
This is an online newspaper that lists resumes of people who are looking for employment in San Diego, CA. All types of jobs are wanted.
 Java Experts
Canada candidates looking for jobs related to java programming etc... No need to register. Just click on the link and the links to candidate resumes are right there.
 All Types of Resumes
This is a free resume search engine that's free to use for recruiters / employers. A free registration is required to access candidates' contact information.
 All Types of Resumes
This site gives recruiters/employers free access to a resume database and resume alerts if you add your company profile to their business directory for free. They offer free resumes of all types of candidates.
 India Residents All Types of Resumes
Get access to free resumes of candidates living in India. To get full access to everything you must post a free job posting, but you can get limited access without posting a job.
 Bioinformatics Resumes International
This is a forum type site that offers over 300 resumes of people in the Bioinformatics industry who are located in European Countries.
 All Types of Resumes from California Residents
This is a free job site created by the State of California to help employers, who have an employer ID number, find candidates in California. You must register for free and then you can post jobs for free and get resumes for free too.
 All Types of Resumes USA
This is a free resume database that allows you to search for resumes using key words and you get instant access to full resumes with no registration required.
 All Types of Creative Fields
With a free registration you can post 2 free jobs, plus get access to their free resume database of candidates in creative fields such as: writers, graphic designers, webs developers, art directors and more.
 Embedded Engineers
Get free resumes of embedded engineers from across the US. You can get instant access and search by key word.
 Project Control Professionals
This is a free resume and free job posting site for companies looking for project control professionals in the US. Registration is required with a valid email address to get free access to everything.
The search engine that grows each time it's searched! Share ONE resume link that you've found on the web and get back at least THIRTY free resumes that you are looking for.
 Various Nationwide
Passive Resumes from candidates nationwide. Offers extensive information.


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