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Database Sites:
Current General Databases = 101 Resumes = 2121750
Hundreds of free web sites offering resumes you can browse through with all of the candidates contact information. New sites are continually being added by our research team. You can sort the columns by date, name of site, or approximate number of resumes available at each site. A brief description about the site and what type of candidates they have help you pinpoint sites that will work for you.
Collegiate Resume Sites:
Collegiate Databases = 32 Resumes = 2675
Sites with databases of resumes from Colleges and Universities of undergraduate, graduate, master and doctorate students and alumni. Browse a growing list of fresh, hot candidates with college degrees.
Professional and Education Associations Sites:
Association Databases = 38 Resumes = 1437
Professional Associations have areas on their websites where members can post their resumes. You can sort by association name, type of resumes and the locations which are listed in each description. Individuals in associations tend to be more focused in their field and have a greater network of professionals to help them enhance their skills. This is an excellent resource for finding niche candidates.
Free Job Posting Sites:
Number Available= 61
Post your jobs for free on these job boards and watch the resumes pour in to your inbox. This is a huge money saver for small and midsize recruiters.
Blasters Sites:
Available = 25
These sites ‘blast’ jobseeker’s resumes to recruiters via e-mail. Recruiters can sign up for free and be added to their distribution list. Most sites will allow you to specify what criteria you’d like to see in resumes sent to your inbox. This can be a valuable source of resumes to add to your own database of active job seeking candidates.
Newsgroups Links:
Available = 123
Frequently job seekers will post their resumes or hyperlinks to their resumes on these newsgroups. Clicking on the link should open up your e-mail program and list messages from the newsgroup. Not all e-mail programs will access all of the newsgroups. Scanning through these sites can produce very active jobseekers.
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